Brass Urli With Beautiful Peacock Design

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    Tags: Brass , Brass Statue and Decor


    • Product Code: BRST-035
    • Length: 14"
    • Breadth: 14"
    • Height: 3.5"
    • Weight: 1200 gm
    • Uruli vesselis the most popular utensil used in cooking by the south Indians which is shaped in the form of a shallow bowl having a broad circumference. It was earlier used for cooking food and come in different sizes where the largest ones were used to cook on big occasions.


    • Nowadays, uruli is used for decorative purposes with which it has transcend the traditional boundaries.This brass made uruli is designed in the prefect size to be used for several purposes. The patter of peacock added with a lotus flower has made it highly elegant and graceful.


    • You can use it for the purposeof decorating florals or floating candles to add some illuminous effect around you. It is specifically used during festivals to embrace the decor of the home with the classic and traditional articles.


    • The artisans based in Kolkata have designed this beautiful utensil for your home decor to give it the touch of traditional form.

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