Madhavi Lata Pink Saree With Blouse Piece

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    • Product Code: HLJD-016
    • Length: 250"
    • Breadth: 0"
    • Height: 47"
    • Weight: 500 gm
    • The Madhavi Lata style saree in the shade of dark pink is what a woman shall love to wear in her daily routine and even in the small occasions.


    • The multicoloured patterns made on the pallu and front part of the saree are very stylish and different from the traditional forms of designs made in the silk sarees in Bengal.


    • This is an easy-to-carry simple piece of cotton silk material which is graceful enough and attractive because of the weaving and stylish creations and finishing made by the experts.


    • You can wear it by complimenting it with the famous thewa jewellery as well which is very unique, and trendy these days.

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