Wooden Ethnic Folding Chair With Rajasthani Painting

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    Tags: Wooden , Chowki and Stool


    • Product Code: WCDI-005
    • Length: 33"
    • Breadth: 16"
    • Height: 30"
    • Weight: 5300gm
    • Coming back home after a hectic day and finding place to relax? The wooden relaxing chair can provide you with a great relief.


    • This beautifully handcrafted wooden relaxing chair has been manufactured by the artisans based in Kolkata and used the most ultimate pattern present it.


    • The chair’s back has been given the design of an elephant’s sawari which is one of the biggest attractions in the Indian traditional history.


    • This wooden chair is a perfect piece for gifting to your friends or loved one as well, as it not only enhances the home’s decor but also a perfect seat that many of us look to get relaxed.

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